IvyLeap offers a range of Value Added Services in order to ease the stress and pressure of its clients and foster convenience at the doorstep of its students. From pre-departure briefings to post-landing assistance, IvyLeap is dedicated to providing the best overall experience and ensuring a smooth transition. With our global offices, we are able to ensure that you feel at home even in a new country.

Pre-departure Briefing:

IvyLeap pre-departure briefing has been designed to support you in your transition to a new country. It is an informative and highly interactive event where our experienced counselors collaborate to share thoughts and inputs that are rather qualitative in nature and based on real experiences. At the briefing, you will receive information about student life in your new country, adapting to the culture and settling in. You will also have the opportunity to network with other students, including alumni, current students and future classmates.


IvyLeap has a range of partners across the globe who will help in providing excellent housing facilities and services to take care of student needs. We will also connect you with the International Student Centre at your college, that will provide the necessary assistance in identifying suitable accommodation.

Travel and Medical Insurance:

All countries have specific regulations regarding travel and medical insurance with respect to international students. We offer a complete and thorough travel and medical service with the help of our global network of partners. Our travel and relocation expertise enable you to literally relax while we handle it all.

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