Interview Prep

An interview is a chance to show off the unique personality traits you can bring to campus. Interviews are often highly recommended and a chance for students to show they are more than just a bunch of statistics.

IvyLeap counselors are aware of the type of questions different universities ask prospective students at the interviews. Our college counselors will prepare students for engaging in proper interview etiquette.

We help students prepare for these interviews with a number of interview preparatory sessions. These mock interview sessions are conducted by Ivy League graduates and alumni of other top schools who have vast experience in interview techniques and know what interviewers are looking for from applicants.

IvyLeap counselors will cover every nuance of the interview process conclusively as the candidate is made to respond to the most likely questions that can be asked by different colleges. This will be followed by a detailed feedback and coaching.

College Acceptances over the last 5 years