Graduate School Counselling

IvyLeap provides personalized counseling services for students who want to apply for Master's Degree program or MBA program. All students will work with Ivy League graduates, who will provide all the necessary guidance and support to create winning applications and secure scholarships.

Our Graduate Counseling experts will carefully evaluate the student's profile and discuss the following:

  • Determine which programs to pursue
  • Advice on profile building
  • Translate prior experiences into an effectively crafted personal statement.
  • Advice on tests to be taken and test preparation strategies
  • Advice on extra-curricular activities
  • Decide which employers / professors / others to ask for recommendation
  • Interview prep and mock interviewing via phone and skype
  • Wait List/Deferral strategies

IvyLeap will also help you after you get accepted into the college of your choice. Most of the IvyLeap founders have an extensive network with companies (both startups and corporates) in the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. We can connect you with companies for your internships and also help you find your dream job after graduation.

I got admits from 6 of the 8 schools I applied to. With a 680 on GMAT and a Software Engineer by profession for 5 years, I was honestly not expecting such good results. While I had my essay ideas in my head, IvyLeap team really solidified them into a truly compelling story. I would enthusiastically recommend IvyLeap to anyone applying to business school. They will make sure that your application tells your best story.

Abhishek T
Student - Admitted to Kellogg School of Management

College Acceptances over the last 5 years