The college process, which had always seemed like an unsolvable puzzle, became clear to me after I enrolled into the Admissions Counseling Program at IvyLeap .In my university choices, I was given useful advice and liked the fact that I always had the final word. IvyLeap helped me not only with the application process but also with the essays, the resume and all the other details that go into the daunting task of applying and getting into college. Thanks to IvyLeap, I will be spending the next four yours of my life at UC Berkeley. I also got into most of my other choices, which are also really prestigious universities: Princeton University, UCLA and Columbia University.

Sneha M, Student - Accepted to UC Berkeley

I found myself struggling to put together a creative and persuasive personal statement. It was only thanks to Barbara's remarkable skills and her genuine desire to help students that I was able to organize my ideas, accentuate my achievements, and present a creative and articulate statement to the schools. Barbara and the entire team at IvyLeap were extremely helpful and made the process much less stressful.

David G, Student - Admitted to Yale University

We interviewed several professionals as prospective admissions counselors. Mr. Pradeep and IvyLeap were the best of all the companies that we researched. They completely eliminated the stress relating to applications, essays, and deadlines. Pradeep guided us throughout our daughter's high school career, from which classes fit her needs and interests, to when and how to take the ACT. During the college application process, Pradeep and his essay review team offered superb and organized feedback, maintained a manageable timeline for completion of work and kept our daughter motivated throughout the process.

Ashwin P and Rashmi A, Parents of Student admitted to Princeton University

Great highly professional tutors! Our daughter enjoys the sessions and we can see the progress she is making weekly. We would highly recommend using IvyLeap for SAT tutoring, as the sessions are interesting and beneficial! Her test scores continue to improve.

Suman B, Parent of a 11th grade student from Bangalore, India

I would like to thank Barbara for everything she has done for me. Thanks to her guidance, she has led me to the perfect college and she opened up the doors to many important scholarships.

Ashley M, Student - Admitted to UCLA and Cornell University

IvyLeap gave me the tools and guidance to present my best self in the college admissions process, ultimately granting me acceptance to my top choice school, Columbia University with a $80000 scholarship.

Vikram D, Student - Admitted to Columbia University

After taking another ACT course, my score wasn't what I needed it to be. Working with IvyLeap Test Prep, however, was truly worthwhile. My instructor was really good and taught me so many new skills and strategies. The best part is that I radically improved my scores.

Mary V, Student - Admitted to Rice University

I got admits from 6 of the 8 schools I applied to. With a 680 on GMAT and a Software Engineer by profession for 5 years, I was honestly not expecting such good results. While I had my essay ideas in my head, IvyLeap team really solidified them into a truly compelling story. I would enthusiastically recommend IvyLeap to anyone applying to business school. They will make sure that your application tells your best story.

Abhishek T, Student - Admitted to Kellogg School of Management

With the skills, expertise and highly qualified counselors at IvyLeap, our son was able to actually attain a scholarship to the university he was accepted into. Without hesitation, we recommend IvyLeap to anyone interested in helping their children get into their dream colleges.

Matthew A, Senior Director, Intel Corp. - Parent from Santa Clara, California

I chose IvyLeap over other similar services for many reasons, but I'd like to highlight a few. Starting with the brainstorming document, I was able to get great stories to tell on my applications and bring out the best part of my personal experience. The response time was incredible. The countless revisions we went over really made my application shine and finally my dream came true.

Shweta N, Student - Admitted to Stanford University

Pradeep is the best ! He truly helped me during the most difficult time in my life. My dream university, John Hopkins had deferred me after I had applied early decision. Pradeep didn't lose faith in my achievements or me. He encouraged me to apply to other schools on my list and we worked together and soon I was accepted to four other schools. Ultimately John Hopkins accepted me in April !!

Rashmi P, Student - Admitted to John Hopkins University

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