Summer Programs and Internship Assistance

Summer break is the best time to show colleges that you are more than your GPA or your SAT score. Admission officers look for those who demonstrate interesting and diverse qualities, not just those who spend all their time studying. Colleges need and want students who are committed to activities that they are passionate about. The summer break creates opportunities for students to demonstrate this quality.

IvyLeap helps students identify the right summer programs which will help them in the college admissions process. We will also help you identify and apply to the right internship opportunities in your field of interest.

IvyLeap also connects students with philanthropy programs and internships. These programs provide leadership opportunities for students and helps them bring sustainable impact to society and the global environment. These summer and internship programs help students stand out in college admissions and prepare them to succeed in life beyond college.

IvyLeap provides the following two in-house programs in association with top universities and corporates:

  • Technology Innovation Leadership Program: Explores interest in STEM fields and in preparing future technology leaders.
  • Flex LaunchTM (Entrepreneurship Program): A summer program that teaches and promotes entrepreneurship for high school students. We give students a real opportunity to try their hands at starting a business.

College Acceptances over the last 5 years