Transfer Analysis and Guidance Program

Students seeking transfer admission must identify appropriate schools and write applications that demonstrate commitment and action plans for the next stage of undergraduate study. If approached with a realistic plan, transferring can be a second chance at getting admission into a good school.

IvyLeap has extensive experience in the transfer admissions process. We offer a variety of options for the transfer applicants which include:

  • Personalized Report: Analysis of your freshman college stats, school GPA, extra- curricular background
  • Recommendations on specific colleges and application strategies
  • Advice on whether to retake standardized tests
  • Essay Guidance: Brainstorm ideas and review essay drafts
  • Decide which professors to ask for recommendations and learn how to approach them for the best results
  • Identify colleges to visit
  • Interview Assistance
  • Discuss financial aid options

College Acceptances over the last 5 years